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Steps to publish

1.Carefully read our basic requirements, quality assurance declaration and our Malpractice Statement.

2.Use the template below  and edit your article:

-Article template - in Romanian

(Click here to download .docx)

An automatic confirmation email will be received.

3.Access our dedicated upload interface (sendpaper.forum-criminalistic.ro), fill all the fields, upload the paper and submit your application.

3.Wait for the reviewing process (minimum 2 weeks). Implement the modifications (if case) as requested by the evaluators. You will be allowed approx.2 weeks to resend the modified content.

4.Following the final acceptance, please pay the publishing fees as indicated by our team.

Basic requirements

In order to publish an article in our journal, all interested persons may contact submit their articles to the evaluation procedure. We strongly recommend all the authors to carefully read the documents within Policies section in advance. The article will only be taken under consideration if it is uploaded using our dedicated section, together with all the required personal data, and only if the appropriated template is used. Before sending an article, following aspects should be retained and accepted:
-liability for the content of articles belongs to the authors;
-articles that do not meet the formal requirements will not be forwarded for peer-review process;

-Anti plagiarism  test of every article is mandatory and will be performed by our editors. The similarity accepted limit is 20%, even in the event of citations being present - please note that a researcher must prove the capacity to compile a source;
-articles that are submitted after the deadline can be subject of the evaluation only upon the decision of the editor-in-chief;
-The article must prove innovation, research content, own contribution of the author, provide an adequate language and sustainable conclusions related to the subject.

-The article must have and Introduction section, one or more content sections / subsections and (mandatory) a section containing the results of the research

-After analysing the formal issues and the compatibility of the article, it will be subject to the reviewing process. The conclusions will be submitted to the author for possible changes. Publication is subject to the application of those changes.
-peer-review process is anonym in both ways: reviewers do not have access to the identity of the author and the author will not be informed about who has made reviewing;

-Even in the event that your article has been declared as ”accepted for publication”, we will delay it (permanent or until the next issue) until we have a clear confirmation of the payment from you. Proofs of payments should be sent at: payment@forum-criminalistic.ro.
-sending an article for publication implies the acceptance of the foregoing.

Quality assurance declaration

We respect every potential publisher, as well as every person interested by our contents. As such, it is within our desire to provide quality contents, respecting principles such as scientific research ethics, originality, innovation, clarity, objectivity, anti-plagiarism, objective peer-reviewing. Thus, following our evaluation, we cannot guarantee that we will publish all the articles to our journal. In case of a high volume of articles sent for publication, some of them might be scheduled for the following issues. Please respect the indications of our team. On the other hand, please understand that, due to the necessity of an efficient international dissemination, from 2017 we intend to only accept articles written in both English and Romanian languages, following the implementation of the English Edition (Mid 2017) for our issues. We will automatically disqualify from publication the articles with a low level of quality for English translation. The only exception from this rule is related to the foreign authors - their articles will be only published in English.

Every author must respect the principles stated above.


There are no charges for article evaluations. However, all articles are subject to publication fees, as follows:

-publishing an article in the journal (electronic copy of the journal is provided): 120 RON/ 28 EUR per article.

-Printed version of the journal requires an extra fee of 60 RON/ 15 EUR (resulting a total of 180 RON / 43 EUR);

-Forensic professionals from Romanian Police (operatives) may publish for free (maximum 2 slots per issue)

-Students of Romanian Police Academy (limited slots) will pay no fees for publishing.